the poems ‘war photographer’ and ‘remains’ have a theme of power throughout them in many different way whether it be guilt,conflict,memory,etc… during this essay i will be identifying the similarities or differences between these interpretations and will give my opinion.the poem war photographer presumably follows a man who earns his wage by photographing war devastated […]

introduction; the stimulus for our assessment targeted the lives of refugees and their struggles.

During this very short essay i will be comparing shirlry j.scott’s the negro walks on ice to life today. Shirley j.scott’s “the negro walks on egg shells” speaks about the day to day struggle of a ‘colored person’. In the beggining of her text she says “You don’t feel different, yet you are treated differently.” […]

Tuesday 3rd may 2016 In ‘war photographer’ carol ann duffy uses language to communicate to the reader that the speaker feels conflicted

Russell highlights class in blood brothers through contrast. He uses stero types to get his point across to the reader,this is seen when you compare mrs johnstones personal life to mrs lyons.mrs johnstones is a single mother of 7 with twins on the way and mrs lyons is a housewife to a very well of […]

In my groups performance we wanted our audience to think about the feelings of not only the woman but the men when they were separated. To do this we used split scene, switching from one scene to the other then back to the first. We believed that the switch back to the first scene would […]

The character of the Foreman gives us an insight of who he is , being or not being a manager. In this scene the foreman reveals the key to his motivation.. Fear. Whilst the workers are working intensely hard on finishing this wall , due to the amount of pressure they have on their shoulders […]

Q1-personally i think that Lear saluting throughout this scene was to exaggerate his trust and respect for his troops to the audience.however i also feel that it was cockiness, usually the person with the higher status is saluted to so him saluting to his troops was almost him saying ‘ i dont even need to […]

During this essay I will be focusing on the 3 different perspectives of Mumbai from Abdul, Asha and Sunil. The three characters from Katherine boo’s book ‘Behind the beautiful forever’. We are going to be analysing their points of view on Annawadi and how their statuses in the slum affect their judgement. Firstly we meet […]

just by breathing in you would be able to tell you were in the rich sides of Mumbai, the air was scented with money and hope and wasn’t as thick as the toxic air we lived on in the slums. The side walks weren’t smothered in torn plastic bottles and the roads didn’t swallow your […]